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Jun 21 @ 5:12PM • Twitter

130 Co-sponsors in the House, 19 in the Senate. Time to up those numbers.

Jun 21 @ 4:07PM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: Being wrapped in DC's flag on the wall of @benschilibowl is an honor that makes me blush as I fight for my hometown and…

Jun 21 @ 3:52PM • Twitter

"Happy to be back in DC, God willing the 51st state" from your lips to Congress' ears, @DaveChappelle!

Jun 21 @ 3:49PM • Twitter

DC Vote crew and @EleanorNorton serving looks wearing DC flags today at Ben's Chili Bowl's mural unveiling.

Jun 21 @ 2:30PM • Twitter

RT @verynautical: Wow, I think I've finally made it in this town

Jun 21 @ 1:00PM • Twitter

ICONS everywhere. @EleanorNorton @BarackObama @benschilibowl supporting #DCStatehod with a brand new mural. #RealDC #DCProud

Jun 21 @ 11:05AM • Twitter

PS- if you can't join us in person, you can watch the event on our Snapchat and Instagram!

Jun 21 @ 10:59AM • Twitter

Can't wait to check out @benschilibowl's new mural! Join us at 12pm to celebrate Ben's, their success, DC history, and half smokes 🌭🌭

Jun 20 @ 8:21PM • Twitter

Walk like a state, quack like a state, become a state? YES #DCStatehood

Jun 20 @ 8:18PM • Twitter