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May 22 @ 4:38PM • Twitter

Love seeing @CAPAction talking about #HandsOff important programs. Hoping they'll join our effort to keep #HandsOffDC and add #DCStatehood

May 19 @ 12:07PM • Twitter

Our letter to the constituents of @jasoninthehouse Sorry to hear you will be without a vote in the House for a bit.

May 18 @ 12:35PM • Twitter

Wish him the best in future endeavors. Promise not to meddle in how he manages his home. Chaffetz leaving Congress:

May 17 @ 3:59PM • Twitter

Come celebrate the life of Trish Vradenburg. #ChampionofDemocracy

May 15 @ 1:14PM • Twitter

@DaveBautista @Nationals Next time you are home, let's talk #Statehood for DC!

May 12 @ 2:12PM • Twitter

MN! Congrats on 159 Statehood Days! @alfranken and @amyklobuchar can you help DC get to 1? #DCStatehood (We'd ask our Senators but.....)

May 10 @ 9:05AM • Twitter

No matter your opinion on any issue you should #CallYourSenator. We'd love to join you in that. #DCStatehood

May 8 @ 4:37PM • Twitter

You can help us move forward on #DCStatehood. Become a volunteer Ambassador today!

May 4 @ 11:51AM • Events
Event Date:
Monday, June 12, 2017 - 9:00am to 5:00pm