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Jan 16 @ 10:53AM • Twitter

RT @JBurchDC: Just watched the national news & we need a DC journalist to take national journalists to Eastern, Southern, & Western Ave ent…

Jan 16 @ 10:38AM • Twitter

RT @MurielBowser: New rule... Anyone protecting the Capital should have a vote in the Capitol.

Jan 16 @ 9:20AM • Twitter
Jan 15 @ 10:38PM • Twitter

DC Vote joined more than 60 organizations to call on @PresElectBiden to support #DCStatehood

Jan 14 @ 10:08PM • Twitter

This guy probably also thinks #DCStatehood is unconstitutional. (Hint: it's not.)

Jan 14 @ 9:40PM • Twitter

Listening to @ShimonPro on @AC360 you'd think the National Mall is all there is here in DC. "There is fencing from one end of DC to the other."

There are 712k of us who live here, in our neighborhoods, with our families. Let us show you around and why #DCStatehood matters.

Jan 14 @ 5:41PM • Twitter

Please. And, we mean this with all due respect, have many seats. DC has a school board that we all elected, and we'll decide, just like the states, how we operate. #DCStatehood

Jan 14 @ 7:40AM • Twitter

@LeighGiangreco How did it go in Chicago?

Jan 13 @ 5:58PM • Twitter

Meet @RepAndyHarrisMD, who tries to overturn the will of the people of DC. Today, he couldn't be bothered to represent his constituents and vote.

@EleanorNorton who actually represents the will of the people of DC but isn't allowed to vote. #DCStatehood

Jan 13 @ 4:53PM • Twitter

This is Rep. Boebert. We would @ her, but she's not allowed to tweet right now.

This is @EleanorNorton. She is allowed to tweet, but not allowed to vote on the House on behalf of 712,000 people who call DC home.

What does actual censorship look like?