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Feb 21 @ 8:50AM • Twitter

A very Happy 80th Birthday to a true Champion for #DCStatehood, @repjohnlewis Here's to many more!

Feb 21 @ 8:46AM • Twitter

ICYMI - @CharlestonNAACP Pres Dot Scott weighs in on #DCStatehood ahead of the SC Primary. Commentary: SC should care about the fight for D.C. statehood via @postandcourier

Feb 21 @ 8:45AM • Twitter
Feb 21 @ 8:44AM • Twitter

This is going to be cool! #DCStatehood

Feb 21 @ 8:42AM • Twitter

RT @IndivisibleTeam: D.C.'s population of more than 702,000 people—larger than both Wyoming & Vermont—does not have full representation on…

Feb 18 @ 3:12PM • Twitter
Feb 18 @ 3:09PM • Twitter

Let's try to put this in terms a DDS might get. DC lacks two teeth in the upper. It has one tooth in the lower that can't totally bite. Meanwhile, Congress has gauze wrapped around our tongue each time we pass local laws. Does that sound full treated to you "Doc" #DCStatehood

Feb 18 @ 10:05AM • Twitter

Lack of #DCStatehood has a long history of disenfranchising people of color.

Feb 16 @ 9:36AM • Twitter

@chicagotribune @MarySchmich That thing where a major American Newspaper erases the Nation's Capital and several other territories to make a point about erasure.....

Feb 14 @ 11:53AM • Twitter

Hey @GOPoversight, you might want to check what @TheJusticeDept argued in Federal Court on Nov 26. #DCStatehood does not require a Constitutional Amendment.